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Years of research by world class scientists

Improve Muscle Tone

Increase Performance

Boost Metabolism

Non-GMO, Plant Based, Sustainable, Vegetarian

Transform your muscle health

Elio™ Restore is a transformative natural peptide discovered in the fava bean, by Nuritas.

Patented and supported by independent peer reviewed publications, Elio™ Restore is scientifically proven to:​​

  • Rebuild healthy muscle cells 
  • Reduce muscle loss & intra-muscular fat
  • Reduce inflammation

Increase in new muscle protein synthesis *

Reduction in cellular inflammation *

Reduction in muscle loss **

Healthier muscles, healthier you

The health of our muscle cells is essential for our life and wellbeing. Yet as we age it is estimated we lose nearly 50% of our healthy lean muscles and the performance of our cells declines significantly. 

Elio™ Restore is scientifically proven to increase muscle regeneration and restore the healthy muscle cells that are vital for a healthy life. 

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Supported by science

Elio Restore is the first product from renowned biotech firm Nuritas.

A team of over 60 scientists, biologists, AI and bioinformatician experts and world class advisors have spent over 6 years discovering ground breaking active peptides with remarkable health benefits.

The award winning team includes:

  • Over 860 years of cumulative research experience
  • 593 peer reviewed scientific publications covering various topics
  • 65 patents issued or pending in numerous areas of research
Meet the team

Our Founder, Dr Nora Khaldi PhD

As a mathematician, I never thought I would end up in the world of health. But here I am.

I realised early in my career that nature, particularly natural foods, hold very specific molecules that are key to our health, wellbeing, and performance. The problem was identifying and unlocking these molecules. I founded Nuritas and dedicated my entire career to solving this.

Elio™ Restore is our first product. Using peptides we found in the fava bean plant, it supports our body’s biggest organ: muscle. Everyone’s muscle starts to decline from our mid to late 20’s. Muscle health is paramount to everything we do, it’s the body’s energy powerhouse, our metabolic factory. Prolonging the health of our muscle is not just a nice to have – it is literally vital. Elio™ Restore is scientifically proven to increase muscle regeneration and restore the healthy muscle cells that are vital for a healthy life.

Together with a team of incredible scientists, we are making revolutionary discoveries that allow us to live healthier for longer. We use our proprietary AI technology and scientific research to unlock the molecules that are hidden in nature and turn them into breakthrough, scientifically proven products.

Dr Nora Khaldi,
Nuritas & ElioTM Founder

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* Demonstrated in vitro.
** Demonstrated in vivo.