How does muscle loss affect our overall health?

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Role of Muscle in Aging 

Chances are that anyone over the age of 30 reading this has already begun losing muscle. As a global population, although our average lifespan has increased, our healthspan – or the years we spend in good health – has not kept up the pace. We now face a longer period during which our muscles continue to weaken and lose function. As we age, it is estimated we lose nearly 50% of our healthy lean muscle and this begins in our 30’s. This natural progression of muscle atrophy is a significant contributor to the gap between lifespan and healthspan.

Research has shown that muscle aging has several causes, including decreased numbers of muscle stem cells, mitochondrial dysfunction (poorly functioning cellular engines), a decline in protein quality and turnover (poor raw materials for muscle growth), and hormonal deregulation (less effective systematic control of muscle biology) – all of which can be directly or indirectly related to cellular aging. Loss of muscle mass is likely preceded by muscle weakness, which can make daily activities, such as climbing stairs or even getting up from a chair, difficult for many aging adults. This can lead to inactivity, which itself leads to muscle loss at any age, thus compounding the problem.


Reboot your Muscle Health

We have developed a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled discovery platform to explore the biology of cellular aging and to search for solutions to the many health issues that typically have their onset later in life.

Using our machine learning architecture, we have identified several naturally occurring peptides that can be released from the pea family of plants. These peptides hidden in pea proteins can actually reboot muscle biology and display three essential bioactivities: (1) increasing protein synthesis; (2) decreasing protein breakdown; and (3) reducing inflammation.


The Elio Solution

Addressing the chronic problem of cellular aging and muscle loss requires a multi-factor approach. We support muscle health in a radically different way. As we age and our muscle machinery loses effectiveness, taking protein supplements is like putting fuel in a car whose engine does not work well – it helps you get on for a while but does not repair the engine. In contrast, by providing the three essential bioactivities mentioned, Elio can help repair that engine.

In ElioTM Restore, we have identified the specific natural peptides that are scientifically proven to increase protein synthesis, reduce protein breakdown and reduce inflammation.

What can these bioactivities do for the body?  By supporting muscle health, physical strength and agility, daily activities are easier. And, because muscle is a very active tissue in the body, metabolic health is supported. The result is transformed cellular health and a return to a younger you.

For more information about how Elio’s research engine Nuritas is solving biology see www.nuritas.com



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