Energy benefits from maintaining healthy muscle

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Did you know dysfunction in the muscle cells is a contributing factor to obesity and diabetes?

A recent publication by Maurya et al [1] explored the link between poor muscle health and metabolic disease. We know exercise maintains healthy muscle mass while increasing energy expenditure, which improves our metabolic rate as well as insulin sensitivity, and so the study results did not come as a surprise.. The study concluded that knock out of a cellular component often stimulated by exercise to increase cellular energy expenditure causes insulin resistance and fatty acid accumulation in mice.  This means metabolic proteins in muscle cells are essential for not only muscle health but our overall health.

How is muscle health connected to energy?

Skeletal muscle is a highly efficient metabolic tissue. Under high energy demands (like exercise) skeletal muscle uses glucose and fatty acids to increase energy expenditure.  These nutrients are used to form energy in the mitochondria, the energy “power plant” of the muscle cell. Maintaining healthy muscle through regular exercise, increases insulin sensitivity, prevents fat accumulation, and promotes the oxidative capacity of the muscle cell. This is achieved by promoting the synthesis and turnover of the muscle mitochondria.

What can we take from this? 

The incidence of metabolic disease is increasing at an alarming rate. Increasing mitochondrial content which improves muscle cell metabolism and insulin sensitivity can help prevent the onset of metabolic disease.  Elio Restore hopes to be part of this preventative strategy, with the discovery of its lead ingredient, PeptiStrong. A scientifically proven natural ingredient shown to support muscle health and metabolism by promoting mitochondrial biogenesis and increasing the expression of genes required for insulin and fatty acid metabolism, all of which are essential for improving muscle health and metabolism.


[1] Santosh K. Maurya, Jose L. Herrera, Sanjaya K. Sahoo, Felipe C.G. Reis, Rick B. Vega, Daniel P. Kelly, Muthu Periasamy. Sarcolipin Signaling Promotes Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Oxidative Metabolism in Skeletal Muscle. Cell Reports, Volume 24, Issue 11, 2018. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.celrep.2018.08.036.
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