ElioTM Restore

Scientifically proven to transform your muscle health

Years of research by world class scientists

Increase in new muscle protein synthesis *

Reduction in cellular inflammation *

Reduction in muscle loss **

Scientifically Proven

Delays Aging Within Cells

Restoration of Cellular & Muscular Health

Supports Healthy Mitochondria

Increase NAD+ via cellular processes

Non-GMO, Plant Based, Sustainable, Vegetarian.

Transform your muscle health

In our prime, we are nearly 50% healthy lean muscle. We have more energy, perform better and enjoy stronger bodies.

But as we age, the performance of each muscle cell declines, slowing our metabolism and energy levels, weakening our system and leading to physical decline. In addition to the weaker performance of each muscle cell, we lose up to 50% of our healthy lean muscle cells and experience an infiltration of fat.  Not only is this responsible for the general decline in our muscle tone, it affects performance and causes chronic inflammation.​

Years of scientific research led to Elio™ Restore, a peptide proven to transform your muscle health. 

Elio™ Restore increases muscle regeneration**

PeptiStrongTM, the active ingredient in ElioTM Restore, regenerates our muscles by increasing the expression of new muscle fibres. The image below is an actual muscle biopsy from a PeptiStrongTM trial Here we see the difference on muscle fibres between using PeptiStrongTM and not. With PeptiStrongTM both Type I and Type II muscle fibres light-up (indicating their activation) and we see a significant increase in the total number of muscle fibres.

Type I “Slow Twitch” Muscle Fibres are responsible for endurance and strength endurance. They contain a higher number of mitochondria and utilize fat for energy.

Type II “Fast Twitch” Muscle Fibres are responsible for strength and force production. Loss of Type II fibres is most associated with aging.

With PeptiStrong TM

Biopsy results Type I & Type II muscle fibers

Elio™ Restore reduces muscle loss and fat accumulation**

PeptiStrongTM, the natural ingredient within ElioTM Restore, has been scientifically proven to address multiple pathways associated with physical and cellular aging. The image below is an actual muscle biopsy from a trial on PeptiStrongTM. It clearly shows that PeptiStrongTM protects healthy muscle fibres and significantly reduces the infiltration of intra-muscular fat. It is this “intra-muscular” fat accumulation that we see in the muscles of the elderly.

With PeptiStrong TM

Biopsy results Type I & Type II muscle fibers

Elio™ Restore reduces inflammation

Aging is associated with increased inflammatory activity in the blood, including increased circulating levels of Tumour Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF-α). TNF-α is a cell signalling protein (cytokine) produced by cells called macrophages and is involved in systemic inflammation. Elio™ Restore reduces the levels of TNF-α

LPS 100ng/mlElio™ Restore 0.5 µg/mlElio™ Restore 5 µg/ml

Elio™ Restore activates AMPK increasing NAD+ *

Caloric restriction, intermittent fasting and exercise have all been shown to provide significant health and longevity benefits. They work by activation of AMPK, a master metabolic regulator in our cells, which causes an increase in the levels of NAD+. NAD+ is a really important molecule as it is needed to activate a class of enzymes called the Sirtuins. Studies indicate that the Sirtuins, and SIRT1 in particular, appear to improve lifespan and overall health in animals by repairing damaged DNA and preventing cell senescence, boosting stress resistance, and reducing inflammation among other healthy aging benefits. Because of this, and the fact we know that cellular NAD+ levels decrease with age, ways in which we can upregulate NAD+ levels and therefore Sirtuin activity are the subject of intense scientific research.

Elio Restore improves cellular metabolism though the activation of AMPK which in turn increases the levels of NAD+ and sirtuins.

Elio™ Restore cleans out damaged cells through autophagy *

Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells. As we age the autophagy process slows down allowing the build-up of damaged cells as well as their damaged intracellular molecules.

Intermittent fasting is known to trigger autophagy as shown in the graph below. When nutrients are restored to the cells (here represented by Leucine) autophagy diminishes significantly. Elio™ Restore maintains autophagy levels after nutrient restoration in muscle cells.

Elio™ Restore induces mitochondrial biogenesis in cells *

One of the major roles of mitochondria are to produce the energy currency of the cell, known as ATP, and to regulate cellular metabolism. Mitochondria are our energy powerhouses. Mitochondrial biogenesis is the process by which cells increase mitochondrial mass. Mitochondrial biogenesis is increased, among other factors, by endurance exercise and caloric restriction.

Mitochondrial biogenesis helps the cell to renew the mitochondrial network, improve mitochondrial function, improving energy levels and slowing down mitochondrial dysfunction which is one of the nine hallmarks of aging. Elio Restore induces mitochondrial biogenesis in the muscle cell.

Power of the platform

Listen to world renowned Scientist Dr David Chernoff, M.D. in Internal Medicine, Rheumatology & Infectious Disease discuss the unique Nuritas platform technology which discovered Elio™ Restore.

Why peptides?

Prof. Bruce German, Professor of Food Science and Technology at UC Davis discuss the power of peptides and the ground breaking research of Nuritas the makers of Elio Restore

* Demonstrated in vitro.
** Demonstrated in vivo.